Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Discover Your Hidden Talents

The picture above shows Susan Boyle in which we all know surprisingly show her hidden talent that amazed everyone despite of her negativities.
Every one has hidden abilities. Our job is to discover and develop them. You could be wandering through life missing out on the valuable opportunities because of your failure to tap dormant talents. I have read a book before that tackles how to discover hidden abilities. Here's what i remember. Firstly, devote the next 30 minutes to writing down your good and less than perfect personality traits. Secondly, list the things you have accomplished and the things you wish to accomplish. Thirdly, write one page biography on your life to this present day. Fourth, make the list of the compliments you have received from your family like having a pleasant smile, firm, hand shake, immaculate dress, tone of voice, ability to express your point of view and so on. Lastly, make the list of the of the things at which you excel like hobbies, sport and talents. Add to this list the things at which you would like to excel.
Now you have a composite of "the sort of person i am" and "the sort of person i wish to be". Carefully analyze what you have written and you will discover that you have qualities that you never imagined yourself to possess. Exploit the qualities that appeal to others and become fully aware of what they are and get them working for you on a big scale.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Be A Creator and Not An Imitator

It is important for you to understand that there is absolutely no one else in this world quite like you. The abilities you have and the way in which you express them cannot be created and expressed in the same way by others. They can, however, be copied. This place you in a unique situation that you have no competitors only copiers. You compete with yourself in this world by throwing up barricades in the form of negative ideas and opinions about what you can and cannot do. Unless you beleived in your own abilities you come off second best. You fall prey to living your life as a copiest and not as an individualist. When this happens, you miss much of what life has to offer. As the copiest, you cannot be better than the person are you copying because you are imitating that person and not creating. This places you in direct competition with the person you are copying.
People who imitate others seldom reach great heights. Those who create and produce their own ideas are the ones who succeed, who become leaders. You have creative mind capable of producing individual thoughts and ideas of expressing individual talents in a unique way. Stop competing with others. You are you. You are dissimilar to others mentally, spiritually, and physically. Strive to create, not to imitate.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We are all Unique!

There is no one in this word quite like you. Although others may look like you and imitate you, no one else can do the very same things as you in exactly the same manner. You have individual thoughts which lead to individual actions. Most important of all, you have individual talent waiting to be expressed in a personal and unique way.
Today, so more than ever before, business, professional an industrial leaders are on the look-out for individuals who can express talents in a creative way. The person who stands out as an "individualist", who knows how to effectively put his unique talents to work, is the one most sought after in this world. It is the person who is different who makes the impression and walks off with the job ans the acclaim.
Knowing that you are unlike the next fellow in your thoughts, actions and talents, begin to mold a definite image, so that others in a position to help you can readily see that you are "different" and thus worthy of consideration for more important things!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Uncle's 2009 Toyota Venza

I got a chance to ride in my Uncle Stewart’s 2009 Toyota Venza yesterday and that was pretty amazing. The car is brand new and he just bought it last year. My Uncle is a busy type of guy and it’s really necessary for him to own a car for his travel and transportation purposes. I don’t know much about cars but we talked about it yesterday while I’m with him. He advised me that if ever I will buy a car, I have to make sure that it is insured so that I have nothing to worry about unexpected expenses due to some car damages brought by some minor a major accident. Speaking of car damages, my Uncle is very upset because of the mess done by his 7 year old son. His son accidentally spilled a choco drink on his floor mat which left unwanted stains. They tried to remove it but still, there are some visible spots left and now he is thinking of buying a brand new floor mats as a replacement. I told him that he can look for some car accessories including car floor mats for his Toyota Venza and purchase it online. I am very thankful for my Uncle as he shared some ideas and useful tips on how to take care of your car properly.

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