Monday, May 23, 2011

Lets All Fly For Fun!!

Are you familiar with the game called "FlyFF", a shortened name for Fly For Fun, a successful and popular Multi-Media Online Role Playing game. I was addicted to this game, i think that was way back 2007. It was my cousin Ichan who introduced this very exciting game to me. The game was currently on their version 2 where in they introduced their newest Job which is the Acrobat. If you know how to play the Ragnarok, then it will be easy for you to play this game. It is like ten times better than Ragnarok because of its 3D features. This is the first ever 3D flying online game. The game will allow you to handle 3 characters in your account and you can play them one at a time. There are 3 main servers to choose from: Iblis, Bubbles and Shade (named after the 3 worlds).
You will start the game as a vagrant and then after you reached Level 15, that's the time that you have to pick for a Job. Currently, there are 4 available secondary jobs namely Mercenary, Assist, Magician and Acrobat.
Mercenary are the Strength type characters. They use Swords and Axe as their weapon. After reaching Level 60, you will now have to choose for your Third Job which is either Blade or Knight.
Assist are the healers and buffers. They use Knuckles to fight and Stick to heal and buff. The third jobs available for Assist are Billposter and Ringmaster.
Acrobats are the long-range fighters. They are usually equipped with either Bow or Yoyo. After level 60, you can no change your job to either Ranger of Jester.
Magicians are the Intelligence-type fighters. They can execute powerful attacks though their stamina are quite weak. They use Wands and Staffs to cast their spells and skills. Third jobs for Magicians are Psykeepers and Elementor.
Now here are the other exciting features of the game:
►Each players will be given set of quests each levels.
►Allow you to explore different worlds such as Flaris, Saint Morning, and Darkon. Not to mention the hidden dungeons and islands.
►Allow you to upgrade your weapon.
►Rare and green items armor and weapons.
►Cool trading and chat system.
►They also have their specialty store where in you can get premium items
►fashion clothes are also available.

I've been away from this game for almost 2 years since i have to focus more on my blogging career. But then yesterday, i decided to take a peek on my account and surprisingly, there are so many changes and improvement on the game.
I saw one of it's latest and updated version at The site is actually a great source of the best kostenlose browsergames online. Aside fro FlyFF, the site offers other populart Role playing games like Ponyrama, MiraMagia, 9 Empires, Jade Dynasty and more.
Well I guess I will spend some time in gaming again! See yah!


Bananazą®‡ May 27, 2011 at 9:52 AM  

Have not played any of these online game before other than the normal mahjong or solitaire quite backwards I must say. haha.

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