Friday, February 3, 2012

Exploring Dublin

Have you ever been to Dublin? The place is well known for it's very historical places. It is very notable for having some old structures who now served as the country's main attraction. To give you a short history about Dublin, it is actually being conquered by the Vikings in the 19th century. One of their main tourist destination is the Dublin Castle who still stood up beautifully. There's the historical Father Mathew bridge and the wonderful St Stephen's Green. There's also the Grafton Street which serves as the main and principal shopping street in Dublin. Dublin is indeed a lovely place and has many wonderful sites to visit and not to mention their native dishes and specialties. If i am to list down those countries that i am dying to visit someday, i might have to include Dublin in my list.

I really want to travel someday though i just don't know how and where to start. Traveling is simply so stressful because you have to think of everything , from booking your flights, from finding a nice hotel to stay in and even in finding a driver or a car to help you exploring the country much faster. Though i know that there are car hire dublin airport services being offered in the country so i don't have to worry that much about the car. But for the meantime, let me just satisfy myself by simple staring at some wonderful Dublin photos online hehehe.


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