Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reading Good Books

Down through the years great men have expressed their ideas and feelings and shared their wisdom and knowledge with mankind via the written word.
It is said that "Books are People". Books present the opportunity of meeting great minds of the past and present. Through a carefully planned program of reading , one is able to appreciate the wisdom of Shakespeare, the reasoning of Plato, the philosophy of Socrates, the compassion of Lincoln, and the ideas of Freud on human behavior.
Good books help you to grow intellectually. TReadinghey help you to form your own ideas, thoughts and feelings about yourself, things and others. Good books help you to succeed. They are precious tools to the man who wants to get ahead. Good books are the cheapest form of education i know.
Read everything you can afford to buy. If your budget restricts the purchase of too many books, borrow them. Get into the habit of spending at least thirty minutes of each day reading. Star it with newspapers and magazines. Progress to a book that provokes thought, inspires or gives you better understanding of life. Finish off your reading by studying at least one verse from the bible. In addition to teaching the things of life you ought to know and understand, The Bible acts as a excellent mental tranquilizer when negative condition are affecting your life.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Action Steps to Help You Succeed

Here are basic action steps to help you succeed.

Underscore books. It is difficult to remember everything that happens each day; the names of all the people you meet, the places you have been to or the things you have been told or learned. Therefore, the practice of gathering knowledge and keeping it on file for future reference is a worthy own that will play handsome dividends.
In reading books, some of it's content will appeal to you especially if you found them useful and informative and sometimes you will want to make note of them for future reference. I have always used what so called "undersore method" when reading a reference book so that paragraphs of interest can easily be found again.
Use the underscoring method while reading a book. It's either with colored pencil or marker and then underscore the ideas that appel to you. With specific passages underscored you will be able to quickly get to the "meat" of each chapter.

Be a Note-Taker. Another step is to be what so-called "note-taker" Obtain a notebook and jot down ideas that appeal to you. You may learn of a particular success technique from new acquaintance or from a lecture you have attended. Write them in your notebook for future references. Always keep your notebook handy for quick insertion of appealing success ideas.

Be a "3 x 5 Card Carrier". Get a stack of cards, 3 inches by 5 inches and write or type appealing ideas on them. Perhaps it might be a "thought of the day" you've copied from a calendar or newspaper. Perhaps it is something you have heard on the radio. I it has a message that appeals to you, copy it and place it in your success file. Carry a different card with you each day and refer to the message on it whenever you get a free moment.

Build a Success Scrapbook. Clip articles of interest that pertain to success from newspapers and magazines. get into the habit of clipping and filing bits of useful information. Place them in a loose leaf binder. Make it your personal success scrapbook of selected thoughts, ideas and success stories about other people.

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