Sunday, January 23, 2011

Manila , The Hottest Concert Ground

It seems that Manila is turning to be one of the hottest and in-demand concert grounds in Asia today by many international artist. Just recently, it was reported that artists like Bruno Mars and Janet Jackson will be having their concert here in Manila as a part of their global tour promotions. Good Charlotte is said to have a concert here too this coming April. Want big names? Well you better start jumping out from your chair because it's confirmed that Taylor Swift will be heading Manila this February 26. I'm sure all Swift fans out there will grab this very rare opportunity to attend her concert and watch this young lady performing live!
Want more? Well there's also a rumors, but i just don't know if it's true that Justin Bieber will also have a concert here! That's pretty cool!!!! I better start gathering some info about this JB Concert rumors and check how true it is.
Anyway, for the meantime, just feel free to enjoy their music by buying their CDs on the CD outlet near you or better yet download their hits on ITunes. Okay! I know we cannot access the ITunes here but if you have US iTunes Gift Cards with you, it could be possible but make sure you'll use legitimate GC's okay!? You can check to see how this Gift Cards work and how to get legitimate ones.
Have a great day everyone and happy blogging!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun Activities For Kids During Vacation

Summer is just around the corner and it's better that you come up with a creative idea to entertain your kids for such a long vacation. Here are some tips that you can do to get your kids away from getting bored while they're taking their vacation.
  • Well, be sure that you have lots of art crafts or materials in your house. Let them exert their creativity and have fun in making art works. Buy some coloring books, drawing pads and some educational videos! Make sure that you spend quality time with them by joining them in doing such crafts. It's Vacation and they should be having fun right?
  • Take your kids somewhere or have an inexpensive excursions. Bring them to a place that they are not familiar with. This will definitely give more excitement to their trip.
  • Instead of sending them out to a school camp activities which is kinda expensive, you can simply make it more practical by doing the same camping fun adventures for your kids at home. Make it more adventurous for them by making treasure hunt clues. You can check some creative treasure hunt ideas online to make it a little bit challenging for your kids.
  • The key for a wonderful and fun vacation is the ample of time you spend with your kids.
Go ahead and have fun!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Very Stressing Day

What a very stressing day! Finally the issue about my domains has been resolved! I'd been out from the blogosphere for almost a week just to fix this issue with my Web hosting provider. Well, i just transferred 4 of my domains to a new web hosting service provider! It was really a complicated thing and i faced a lot of technical issues about my sites. In fact, one of them was accidentally became a subdomain of the other one. But thanks God i was able to fix this issue with the help of my very close blogger friend.
She manage her own hosting site so she was able to fix my issue with no ease at no time! Anyway, i think i have to get back on sleep now. Tomorrow will be another stressing day specially now that we were scheduled to have a major general cleaning in our house. I hate doing house chores, to be honest! And i hate sweeping out the bath room floor tiles the most!
And since i will be attending a very important meeting with my client , i think that will be a great excuse! haha! And maybe that will be a great opportunity to convince mom to avail something like House Cleaning Vancouver WA Services! I have heard that this company is offering organic materials for your house which is so environmental friendly and is good to our health. I just wish we have that kind of service here.
Ok, that's all for now guys.. Time to sleep! Chow!

Friday, January 14, 2011

How Much a Limo is?

Do you have any idea how much a brand new limousine is? I went to search about limo online and i found out that you can avail buying a limo for the price ranging from the minimum amount of $165,000 or almost over 7 million pesos! And i repeat! That is just the minimum price, what's more with the higher and latest models? Buying Used Limo on the other hands will cut down the price into half as you can avail the car for as low as $32,ooo or almost 1,400,000 million peso! Obviously, a luxury car like this is not for everyone!
It might be impossible for us to buy an expensive limousine but it could be possible to rent them. There are rent-a-car companies like the Limo Portland Rental services in Oregon that allows you to rent such a stylish and elegant looking cars. this is very ideal especially if you are about to attend a very special social parties like wedding or other related events.
How about you? have you ever rent a limo? I wonder how great it would be if you're going to ride on such an expensive luxurious car.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

As the Breadwinner

Ever since my dad stopped working, we started to experience some financial problems. Or maybe we already have financial difficulties before but i wasn't that aware since i am too young to understand such matters. Well, i cannot blame my dad for this because the situation is simply uncontrollable. He suffered from mild stroke which forced him to give up his work. In exchange, i am the one who took all the responsibilities and became the bread winner of the family. Good thing my father receives monthly disability benefits from both the Government and his previous employer. Being the eldest is really hard. You need to sacrifice a lot for your family. It's hard, Yes but i do not have any regrets. I am doing everything for them wholeheartedly. My parents help me a lot to become a strong person and i would love to bring that courtesy back by simply helping them as much as i can. Hopefully, this year will give me so much blessings. Right now, i am able to manage both of my school and work. I am earning quite good from my freelance web writing job and hopefully this year, i will receive more offers and opportunities especially now that i am planning to buy something for my self. I know it's kinda selfish but I guess sometimes i have to treat my self to motivate me and help me keep going. And if ever i got a chance, i will be joining some cash gifting programs to earn more this year. Well, wish me luck guys!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Royalty Experience

(Golden plated Coach)


(Vintage Cars)

We absolutely had a chance to experience the royalty as we visited a car exhibit at Alabang. It was actually a one month Car expo, showcasing expensive limousines and vintage cars. If I am not mistaken there were 12 cars being showcased at the exhibit and my Auntie Thess and I were very lucky to be one of the invited guests in the expo. I wasn’t that so sure what was the exhibit all about but I know that Mr. Chung, a business man, owned all these expensive cars. I love the limousine and the classic Bugatti the most. Mr Chung is a very successful businessman and I am not wondering why he has the guts to buy such expensive and vintage cars like this. I wonder how expensive it was in managing such an expensive car like this. For sure it is very hard to find a spare part of it. Well, if ever I have this kind of car, I will immediately get an insurance for it. Well, we all know how expensive these cars are. Some of them can be more than expensive than a house or a condo unit! These cars must be very expensive but insurance are not. In fact, there are sites that give you a chance to compare auto insurance quotes online. Some give you chance to compare auto quotes usa leading insurance companies has. Applying for an insurance is definitely not a waste of time especially if you own such an expensive car like the cars I have shown above.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bruno Mars in Manila?

Finally, Bruno Mars will be hitting Manila this coming April. It is a dream come true for a fan like me to see him performing live! I will definitely not miss this very special event and will buy tickets as early as possible.
I'm not really into modern music, i prefer listening to old school but after i found out that our dear Bruno Mars is a half American Half Filipino, i started to listen to his song.
Bruno Mars has an amazing powerful vocals which is rare to find nowadays. He is known for collaborating with rapper Travis Mccoy from their hit song "Billionaire". Then he first made his solo album with the carrying single "Just the way you are" and now one of his latest songs, "Grenade".
I really enjoy listening to his hits and i can't stop my self downloading his songs to my music player. Most of his songs are also available for digital downloads most especially on iTunes. As we know, iTunes is not accessible in countries outside the US but if you have an iTunes Gift Card, you can access the site with no ease.
If you are interested about these iTunes Gift Card, you can visit to get legitimate GC's online!

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