Thursday, March 20, 2014

Opportunities from a Job Fair

Our local officials just announced that a job fair will be held by the end of this March. The Job Fair will focus on both domestic and international job opportunities. This is definitely a great event that everyone should grab. I have heard that most of the clients are from Telemarketing and BPO companies (usually they are hiring Technical Associates and Customer Service Representatives). The international opportunities, on the other hand includes some Blue Collar jobs in the Middle East.
Personally, if I will be given a chance, I would rather go for the BPO industries. I have worked as a Call center agent and a technical associate for more or less three years so I am , somehow, familiar with the industry and how their process works. Being hired , however, is not really that easy. Well, most of them promotes this so-called One Day Hiring which is true but the stages you have to undergo are truly nerve wracking. If I am not working right now, I wouldn't mind entering the same company if I am given an opportunity.
The competition in the job market today is getting tougher and tougher. As the Unemployment rate rises, more and more competitors will arrive. Of course, the company will hire those applicants with better credentials and higher experience and that is quite unfair for people who are just starting their careers. Walking into job fairs is indeed an ideal thing to do but it actually feels like participating a gamble because you might went home with no assurance of being hired. This is the reason why most online job portals are well embraced by their users due to its convenience and assurance. Whether you are looking for graduate jobs in recruitment or any other job that suits your profile, you can easily submit your application by passing them your resume using nothing but the internet. It is not time consuming indeed and all you have to do is to wait until you got their approvals. They will probably contact you right away for the other processes like interviews and exams. If you didn't make it or got rejected, it is not a problem at all because you can interact with as many employers as you can until that perfect opportunity arrives.

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