Friday, February 25, 2011

Defeated the Master

Finally, i was able to beat the Master! I told you about this game before and i have mentioned how difficult it was to beat Maven (the computer generated opponent), in the Master Round. It took me ages to beat this guy and my brain was completely drained after beating him. And guess what? I managed to beat Maven on the champion round too. And take note! I never use the dictionary to help me out constructing long words. (defensive? hahaha). Anyway, i am now on it's last round and i feel like I am a prodigy already. Reaching the last round is such a big achievement already and defeating Maven for this round is highly impossible so I better give up now.
Maven can take up to 90 seconds thinking during a move and how the hell can i beat him? He can manage to use all the 7 tiles in almost every turn. What the?
Well, Maybe this is the end of the line now between me and Maven and I better look for some other browsergames. I just heard about the game known as Goodfellas 1930. It is a free browser game that is somehow similar to the Mafia Wars being played in Facebook but it offers more thrills and excitement compare to other Mafia Games.
The good thing about browser game is that, you do not have to download anything just to play it. You simply have to access the site and that's it, you're ready to play!
Okay, that's all for now guys, need to sleep now! Will talk more about games in my next entries so keep an eye on it.

Sentinel or Scourge?

Are you a Sentinel or a Scourge? If you know the game Warcraft, then you must be familiar with these two terms. Sentinels are the good guys while Scourge are those on the dark side of the team. Actually, i used to play DOTA instead of the Warcraft game. DOTA or Defense of the Ancient is like a spin off game from the Original World of WarCraft game. Here, your goals is to defeat your enemy which controlled by the other player. DOTA is a LAN game so you can play it with your friends as long as you have multiple computers at home.
The game is solely derived from the orginal Warcraft. The characters or better known as Heroes are the also the characters you can find in Warcraft game.
It doesn't really matter if you're on the good or bad side as long as you have the right strategy to defeat your opponent.
You will have to choose your Hero here as your main character. If you are a Sentinel, i suggest that you use Rhasta of the Tavern Clan. He is a hero with a powerful range magic abilities. His skills include Forked Lightning, Mass Serpant Ward, and Voodoo. Zeus and Azwraith are great heroes too.
If you chose the Scourge tribe, then better use Banehallow. He is great in tearing enemies to bits. This tough guy uses spells like Summon Wolves, Shapeshifter, and Feral Heart. Viper is a good one too as he is genius in wearing enemies down in his talent in archery. He uses skills like Frenzy, Poison Attack, and Vipe Strike.
DOTA is a game that you will enjoy playing with your friends but of course, there's nothing could be more exciting than the original Warcraft game. This game will measure how creative you are in making decisions and will test how far your strategic skills can go. But if this is your first time to play this game, better search for some world of warcraft guides to help you out in accomplishing your mission.
Happy gaming guys!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time To Upgrade Your Tv!

Are you sick of using your old 21 inch colored TV? Well i guess it's time for you to think of upgrading your TV into something better and more entertaining. I'm sure all of us are looking forward to a great TV experience right and the way to have that great watching experience is not just about the program that we are watching but also the TV that we are using.
We are in the digital world now and there are so many high tech models of tv being released in the market today. One of the latest model would be the LCD TV and LED TV. But why should we really have to upgrade your tv? If you spend a lot of time watching television, then it really make sense to me that you deserve something better to satisfy your watching right?
LCD TV are usually wired to "High Definition". I'm sure you have seen some advertisements about this kind of tv right? They used to provide graphics that are high in definition as if you can view every single details on your screen clearly. They are in wider screen too!
They are also offering great audio system and they are not space consuming as the normal sized televisions.
With all of these , i'm sure you have no reason to say "No" to upgrade your tv into something better like LCD!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Helping Him To get a Job!

Sorry guys if i failed to update my blogs recently. It's just that i am so busy with my work and i will be busier these following days because i have to help my cousin to get a job. Auntie Mary is requesting me to help his son Aaron to get a job. Well, i really don't know when and how to start helping my cousin. I am not a part of an HR department and i do not have that power to hire someone in our company since i am just a regular employee there. However, i can give him some tips on how to be employed in our company since i have been through all their application process. From the exam up to the final interview. I can definitely guide him there.
But of course, it will still depend on his performance and how well he answered the questions on both written exam and interviews.
Interview is probably the hardest part of all the application process. Here, you will be tested if you are really qualified for the position. Acing the job interview will be very easy if you prepared yourself for it. Groom properly as it plays a very important role in creating good impression. Promote your self and prove them that you have what it takes to become a part of their company but do not over do it as it will disappoint the interviewer.
But of course, before paying more attention to the interview, you should have to check first if you are physically fit to work by undergoing some medical exam and drug testing. You have to pass a drug test if you want the company to hire you. It is very important for a company to know that you are fit to work so that they will not have any troubles in the near future about your health.
Most companies have their own clinic for these medical exams but it would be better to take it in advance to ensure if you will pass the exam or not.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Guess

We just got a call yesterday from Aunt Ruby saying that she'll be hitting Manila this coming February. We're all very excited because it's been decade since we last saw her in person. Aunt Ruby is my father's only sister and is now residing at Oklahoma. Since she do not have a house here, she'll be staying with us for about 2 months that's why my mom is starting to prepare for it. We want Aunt Ruby to enjoy our stay with us and i will be offering my room for her. I started to clear up those mess in my room. However, we've been having some trouble with our bathroom because the shower is not working and the water from our faucet drains very slow. We do not want to disappoint our Aunt just because of these plumbing issues so i asked my mom that it's better to hire a plumber like the Plumber Portland Or has to put an end with this Plumbing system malfunctions. It has to be fixed as early as this week because Aunt Ruby will be here anytime this month.
I am so excited about this. I will definitely take her to some great places in the country and will try to make her vacation unforgettable.

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