Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dealing with Bills

Bills just arrived yesterday and it was surprisingly higher than my expectation. I never thought that we will be reaching Php 3,200 for our monthly consumption last June. Even though I am aware that there will be some sort of increase but I am not expecting that it would be this much. For a breadwinner like me, it would be a big help if I can lessen my bills. It is a big help indeed especially for someone like me who has a very limited budget. Sometimes i get short but thanks God because I manage to surpass those financial problems. As you all know, my dad is not capable of working anymore and as the eldest son , I really have to take his responsibilities. Though I am not blaming anyone. I actually find it very rewarding especially whenever I see them happy and satisfied for the things that I do.
After all, I am now capable of applying for easy installment loans which help me a lot in managing my budget perfectly. I'm lucky enough indeed that i can go for such loans every time that my budget is not enough to shoulder the rest of my expenses.
Luckily, I don't have bad credit history yet and I make sure that I never will. Even I know for the fact that it is possible to apply for credit loans with bad credit, I still want to make sure that I will not come to that point. I should be responsible for paying my debts.

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