Saturday, September 8, 2012

Online Tutorials

My cousin approached me yesterday to teach my niece some of her Academic subjects. I was working as a part time private tutor during my college days and it just so happened that her eldest daughter became one of my students. Now, that her youngest daughter will be having her first periodical exam, she decided to approach me and asked for my help which something I can never refuse.
She told me that the examination will be done in next three days and but her daughter isn't that confident that she can pass it through. Her score will affect her grades so she has to pass it otherwise she'll have a failing grade. I used to be her sister's tutor and in fact I was also one of the first people who taught her sister how to read and write and I will definitely do the same thing for her.
Luckily, i'm currently taking my vacation leave from my office so I have enough time to help her. I also encouraged my cousin to enroll her in some reliable online educational program to enhance her skill. Online Private tutorial is quite in demand today and it's not really surprising considering that almost everyone has Internet at home. What makes these programs more interesting is the fact that kids can learn in a much more convenient way because they just have to sit in front of their PC and listen to the lectures done by their online tutors. is a great source of well trusted and highly professional tutors that will give you nothing but satisfying and high quality of service. Please take time to visit and navigate the site to see what else it has to offer.
For the mean time, allow me to teach my niece and I hope she can absorb most of my lessons to help her in her upcoming exams.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dealing with Bills

Bills just arrived yesterday and it was surprisingly higher than my expectation. I never thought that we will be reaching Php 3,200 for our monthly consumption last June. Even though I am aware that there will be some sort of increase but I am not expecting that it would be this much. For a breadwinner like me, it would be a big help if I can lessen my bills. It is a big help indeed especially for someone like me who has a very limited budget. Sometimes i get short but thanks God because I manage to surpass those financial problems. As you all know, my dad is not capable of working anymore and as the eldest son , I really have to take his responsibilities. Though I am not blaming anyone. I actually find it very rewarding especially whenever I see them happy and satisfied for the things that I do.
After all, I am now capable of applying for easy installment loans which help me a lot in managing my budget perfectly. I'm lucky enough indeed that i can go for such loans every time that my budget is not enough to shoulder the rest of my expenses.
Luckily, I don't have bad credit history yet and I make sure that I never will. Even I know for the fact that it is possible to apply for credit loans with bad credit, I still want to make sure that I will not come to that point. I should be responsible for paying my debts.

Friday, June 15, 2012

What is ESL Teaching?

Are you familiar with the so called "ESL teaching?" I was surfing the web last night, looking for some cool job opportunities online when I came across a website looking for some ESL teachers for Korean and Japanese students. I find it quite intriguing at first and then I found out that ESL simply stands for "English as Second Language". As what the term suggests, it aims to teach foreign students to learn how to use English Language properly whether it's in written or verbal form.
The process and transaction are being done online through some software application like Skype or Yahoo Messenger. The salary is highly competitive and I find it pretty interesting.
It made me realize how powerful the internet is. Who would have thought that we can now have our own tutorial lessons online? The main objective of these so called online private tutoring is to help those students in their home work , research papers , or even extensive review for an upcoming major exam.
It means that you do not have to worry about those brain-draining equations for your Algebra or Trigonometry because these online tutors are well-prepared to help you. Their responsibility is not just to answer your question but to help you understand them thoroughly.
TutorHub, is one of the most respectable websites in the industry that provides high quality of education though their professional tutors. You can check their official web page at and see what else the company has to offer for you.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vision Correction and Proper Eye Care

We have to take care of our body especially our eyes. Poor eyesight is probably one of the most common problems today but most people tend to ignore that fact. Maybe because they are confident that they still have ways to correct it and to prevent it from getting point but don't you think it is much better if we will not end up to that point in which we have to do immediate or precautionary actions to get rid of it? As what they say, "prevention is better than cure" and that is something we always have to keep in mind.
There are several ways to keep your eyes and vision in good condition. I listed them below.
EAT THE RIGHT FOODS. I'm sure you are all aware that there are foods that promotes healthy vision as it was discussed by your teachers during those school days. Carrots and Squash are two of the veggies that are rich in beta carotene that will keep your eyes healthy.

AVOID FACING THE COMPUTER SCREEN FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. Well, aside from being an unhealthy habit, considering that you're probably lacking of exercise due to overspending your time in front of your PC. Give your eyes a time to relax.

DO NOT READ IN DIM LIGHTS. Although it will not harm your eyes, it will still cause some eye strain. Try to stop reading for awhile or get a space that is bright enough for you to read the pages clearly.

If you're already experiencing poor vision, then better seek the assistance of an ophthalmologist or eye specialist to do those necessary actions. There are several ways to correct someones vision. You can use Prescription eye glasses, wear contact lenses, or undergo Eye Surgery. However, when it comes to this kind of medical procedure, you better deal with someone who is well trusted on this field.
Laser Eye surgery or more commonly known as "Eye Lasik Surgery" is way far better than the other type of eye surgery. Eye Lasik offers a long term or better yet permanent vision correction. Just make sure that you are dealing with the right surgeon to perform such procedure.
Again, prevention is better than so as much as possible, please do take care of your eyes. Healthy vision is very beneficial because you don't have to worry about wearing your glasses or your contact lenses everyday or to think of the money to spend in certain kind of eye surgery.
Discipline is all what it takes towards a healthy body and that is something all of us should be aiming for.
Have a great day guys and happy blogging to all.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Numerous Benefits of Sauna

It's getting hot in here and I am now craving for a cool summer vacation. I might hit the beach or visit the nearest resort here in my place or better yet invite my friends to go for an out of town trip. I'm sure most of you will grab this opportunity as well to relax and to refresh yourself. And oh! Not to mention those who are aiming to have their skin be tanned. Despite of this hot weather, i think, it is still ideal to visit a sauna to unwind. Exposing yourself too much from the sun is quite dangerous not just to your skin but for your health in general. Sauna, on the other hand, will provide you the appropriate amount of heat. Sauna is being used mainly for hygienic and health purposes.
Sauna will help you secrete sweat which flushes out harmful toxins from the body and helps you prevent certain kind of diseases. It has proven effective in maintaining both optimal physical and mental health as well. They said that sweating is the most effective NATURAL way of our body system to heal and to detoxify and it can be done effectively if you visit a sauna or better yet avail one of those commercial infrared sauna(s) and have it installed at the very comfort of your house.
This will not just provide convenience on your end but will also enhance the beauty of your house. The benefits of these infrared sauna(s) are numerous. Their main purpose is to help our body produce sweat to get rid of those harmful toxins but in addition to that, it has proven effective to promote weight loss, improve blood circulation and enhancing someone's immune system as well.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Remembering my Grandparents

It will be my late grandpa's 77th birthday this coming March 3 and we're all planning to celebrate it in a simple yet very special way. My mom used to cook my Lolo 's (Grandpa in Tagalog) favorite Pancit Beehon and Lumpia ( notable Filipino dishes). My lolo died when i was 12 but i grew up with my grandparents so I am, somehow, very close to both of them. He died because of a respiratory disease and I witnessed a lot on how much he struggle from the pain brought by his illness. Unfortunately, my late grandma, don't have enough money to shoulder the rest of his medical expenses but i know the fact that we should have availed a nursing care service on the first place to monitor his condition that time. However, i was told that my grandma was afraid that time to avail another medical service because she wasn't fully paid yet to my grandpa's previous hospital bills which is quite unfair because as far as i know, hospitals (especially the public ones) , should not force their patients to pay their bills or at least they should have settled an agreement on how are they going to pay it. My grandma should have get a medical service for my Lolo. After all, this nursing care home fees are very much affordable and I know my grandma would have considered it if she's only aware of that. But then, i guess it's too late for us to think about it and what we can do is to pray for their souls.
Well, as for that hospital bills, i find it really intriguing and it must have been some act of greediness from those health care professionals and maybe they charged my grandparents inappropriately. Oh well, i know i just can't jump on a certain conclusion yet so i must take some action and investigate. I'm sure there are respectable and trustworthy lawyers out there who can help me.

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Time For us To Move

Do you believe in Feng Shui? If you do, then what's your fortune for this year? Does it says, you're gonna be very lucky or the other way around? I was not really into Feng Shui actually but my mom used to believe about these Feng Shui readings by her friend who happens to be a Feng Shui expert. She told us that our house is somehow unlucky this year in terms of the furniture's position inside and even the location of the house itself. It's funny but if you're going to listen to her, you can feel that she's speaking of something with sense. Anyway, I think there's nothing wrong of taking Feng Shui seriously as long as it doesn't greatly affect your personal life and the people around you.
Since we're talking about the house, let me open the topic about our future plan to migrate somewhere outside Cavite (my hometown). Well, we thought that it would be great to start a new life in a new location and new people around. I know that it might take time for us to leave Cavite because we might need a big budget to prepare for it. But i think it's better to plan it ahead right? I might look for some houses for sale online and see if it's gonna meet my budget. Of course , i will consider the location as well. It don't have to be so far from Cavite so it would be easy for my relatives to visit us from time to time.
Anyway, i know it's too early for me to think about that but it's nice to look over those homes for sale over the web.

Achieving Success

Have you read Earl Nightingale's "Miracle of Mind"? It was actually a very inspiring and motivating book about success and how to achieve your goals in life. According to him, the best way to achieve your goals is to have a perfect plan ahead. You have to set your goals and achieve it accordingly by taking the right path and by making right decisions. Success cannot be achieved in an instant and you have to work for it. As what Nightingale said, you have to pay the price of the person that you wanted to be so if you want to succeed in life then you have to bear with all the possible sacrifices and hard work to attain it.
Of course, you cannot have your desired goal all by yourself, you might need the help of the others as well. You need the guidance of those people who share the same goal and objective as yours. If you're into business and aiming for more improvement and achievements to make it grow, then you might want to join those marketing mastermind groups to help your business grow.
Mastermind group are the group of two or more individuals who dedicate themselves into a specific goal. Here, you can learn more about different perspective , ideas and tips to success through group brainstorming and more.

Knowing More About Mastermind Group

When you say Mastermind, what is the first thing that comes up in your mind? Well, i am not referring to that highly complicated "Mastermind" boardgame, nor those highly intelligent individual who initially plan or directs a complex or a difficult project. Have you ever heard of the Mastermind Group and how it works? Mastermind Group is actually more of an alliance of two or more individuals who dedicate themselves into a specific goal.
So how does it work and what are the benefits you can get from it in return in case you become a member?
Well first, you are not alone in this kind of business, because there are group of people who will help you to succeed and attain your desired goal. You can participate with their brainstorming and learn several perspective or ideas from them . As a member you can also take the ownership or accountability and so as inspiration from the group.
To create a mastermind group , you can simply reach out to people in your network and explain to them that you are seeking their help as an advisor and part of your mastermind team or better yet join an exisiting group that share the same interest and perceptive as yours like those existing mastermind groups in tampa who have been in the industry for quite a long time.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Exploring Dublin

Have you ever been to Dublin? The place is well known for it's very historical places. It is very notable for having some old structures who now served as the country's main attraction. To give you a short history about Dublin, it is actually being conquered by the Vikings in the 19th century. One of their main tourist destination is the Dublin Castle who still stood up beautifully. There's the historical Father Mathew bridge and the wonderful St Stephen's Green. There's also the Grafton Street which serves as the main and principal shopping street in Dublin. Dublin is indeed a lovely place and has many wonderful sites to visit and not to mention their native dishes and specialties. If i am to list down those countries that i am dying to visit someday, i might have to include Dublin in my list.

I really want to travel someday though i just don't know how and where to start. Traveling is simply so stressful because you have to think of everything , from booking your flights, from finding a nice hotel to stay in and even in finding a driver or a car to help you exploring the country much faster. Though i know that there are car hire dublin airport services being offered in the country so i don't have to worry that much about the car. But for the meantime, let me just satisfy myself by simple staring at some wonderful Dublin photos online hehehe.

Infrared Sauna To Ease Your Stress

I was really upset last Monday because our superiors changed our schedule from the regular 9-5 to a 6 to 3 working shift. This has been very stressful because I now had to wake up around 2 am to get myself ready to go to work. It is very stressing indeed, and I come home tired, stressed out, and in a bad mood. It is quite unbearable.

Aside from the early schedule that we have, the shift covered the entire queuing hours in which most of the clients I speak with are irate customers who do nothing but blame a call center agent like me on a problem that we didn't do or we are not responsible for. But then again, as a contractual employee and as someone who is willing to stay in this company for good, i have to deal with with those irate customers in the most professional manner and try not to get angry or upset. I guess this is really hard, but it is what it is.

After all, i just have to work 8 hours a day which is not that bad because i still have a chance to enjoy the rest of the day and the weekends as well. Well, speaking of weekends, i usually stay at home during my day offs but if there's a chance, I also get together with my friends from time to time. This is actually my way to ease out all the stress brought to me by my work. I used to visit a spa where they had a sauna to go to pamper myself and relax.

I found out that these commercial infrared sauna(s) are more effective and the heat is more comfortable so one can stay in longer. These saunas come as kits and can be installed in your home. The great thing about them is that if you move, you can take the sauna with you. It gets expensive to go and pay to use the sauna each time at the spa, and so it would be very ideal to have these infrared sauna(s) at home. They are convenient, energy efficient and highly affordable as well. You can check for more information.

Ceramic and Granite Tiles

We used to have ceramic tiles for almost all finishing that we have in our house. From the bathroom, Kitchen floor, bathroom walls , and even the kitchen countertops and lavatory. Ceramic tiles are indeed very appealing and has a wide variety of designs and colors. The design that we have in our living room is different from what we have in the kitchen and same thing goes with our bathroom and terrace. Another thing that makes ceramic our main choice is the price. Ceramic is quite expensive than the laminated floors but way much cheaper than other materials. However, the durability of ceramic tiles are quite questionable and doubtful not unless that you are ensured that the tiles and properly installed by a highly professional worker. If you are looking for a good quality finishing and if you have good budget, then you should rather get a granite or a marble rather than ceramic. Granite, most especially, is highly durable and may last for a long time. It is resistant to scratch and stain though a proper maintenance should be regularly maintained. If you really want to maintain the beauty of the materials like granite Burlingame then you must exert a little effort to clean it using some special cleaning agents as often as you can for a better and more satisfying result. You may not have the same beauty for a lifetime but at least you can extend or expand the lifespan right?

I Always Admire Nurses

Being in a graveyard is simply so tiring that's why i really admire those nurses , doctors and other healthcare professionals because they can manage to keep themselves up even in the sleepy hours. I have through that point when i was in an international call center and since we are an outsource company, most of our clients are from the US and we have to work in a graveyard shift to cater them. Anyway, what makes nurses so special is their dedication to serve those patients who needed their help.
Actually , i once dreamed to become a nurse but i failed to have that course because i decided to take Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education instead. I was greatly influenced by mu uncle to pursue a teaching career but my admiration to those in medical profession is still there. If i will be given another chance to get into college then i might take a nursing course an be in a good school like that nursing school san francisco in California which is well known for producing high quality nursing professionals.
Well, we can never tell what will happen to our future and who knows, i might succeed in this kind of profession and be nurse someday! That's pretty exciting huh!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Typical High School Life

I remember myself when i was in high school. I was like a nerdy guy who used to stay in the corner of our library reading our academic books to review our lessons in advance. Well, that wasn't really cool and if i can turn back the time, then i will definitely change myself into something better. I will try my best to gain more friends and peers but maintaining my grades at the same time. I am not really sure what's the typical high school life for you guys but upon reading some foreign magazines , it seems that high school is where most curiosities occur. Teenagers became more and more curious about things that they haven't tried in their life. This is when they started to realized who they are and what life they will take in the future. Unfortunately, this is also the time they develop their bad personalities and vises. They learn how to drink, they learn how to smoke which are obviously not a good thing but we just can't deny the fact that these are all true.
Anyway, Cigarette Smoking even with the use of those Cannabis Seed i found online being sold by trusted UK Suppliers, is actually not bad as long as you will not be consuming them abusively and of course, you have to be on the right age if you chose to consume such things.
You have to be responsible in every action that you take. Keep in mind that you are the one who chooses your own path and you have to think of your move before you take your action.
I don't mind myself getting into smoking or drinking as long as i can handle myself well and as long as i can ensure myself that i will not be consuming them abusively.
Health should always be your top priority so if you guys chooses to have those vises then better take them as moderately as you can.

Ways To Kill Addiction

Addiction has been one of the major problems that every country has facing today. We used to link addiction to drugs or alcohol but it really has many forms. It just so happened that Drugs and Alcohol addiction are the most common cases of Addiction. We may not realized it completely but a certain individual can actually be physically and psychologically addicted to specific substances and that include the pain killers , gamble, sex, or even playing video games. Addiction has many forms indeed but there's one thing for sure, it never bring any good thing to the person who experience it.
I myself can't live without seeing my blogs daily which became my daily habit or routine and with that fact, it can be considered as Addiction.
Discipline is the best way to kill addiction. You have to practice self control. But because of some environmental factors, an individual will find it so hard to overcome it completely. Let say the drug addiction for example, friends and peers can influence someone easily. Temptations are just too hard to resist and you really have to seek for guidance in order for you to recover.
This is the reason why we have rehabilitation centers to help these people to recover. It is not a matter of isolating yourself from the others but more of keeping yourself away from those possible temptation. There are dual diagnosis rehab center to help you recover completely. Through this dual diagnosis rehab programs, you might undergo a series of therapy and counseling which can be very useful to get rid of your addiction. Of course, aside from the rehab programs, you also have to discipline yourself. Your health is at risk if you drown yourself to drug or alcohol addiction so better do something before it's too late. Prayers can be a powerful tool as well. God will never bring you down.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New year, New Life

It's new year and if you want to welcome this year with a blast, then better set things right and list everything down on your New Year's Resolution. You might find it funny but that's actually a great way to start a brand new year. It is time for us to make things right and put everything in order. We may not accomplish everything as we planned it but at least, we give ourselves a try. I also have to admit that I failed to accomplish most of my resolutions but at least, no matter how many times i tried , i still have my goals and i never let myself down simply because of my failures. According to Mr Earl Nigthingale , the author of the "Strangest Secret" , if you want to succeed in life, then you have to pay the price of the person you wanted to be. You cannot reach your goal without sacrificing or working hard for it not unless you were born millionaire or you instantly become one by winning a lottery but still, you cannot be so proud that way.
Sometimes we have to change and we have to change FOR GOOD.
I remember a column before about an addict who took the right path and completely left all his horrible memories and experiences from the past. The best way to start a new life is by leaving all the baggage behind. Addiction, at some point, will ruin someone's life and the life of people behind him because this will affect you not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. However, we have to keep in mind that we can still move ourselves up by changing our live and taking the right step towards a brand new day. If started feeling down and hopeless then better seek a guidance or an advise from a friend or someone close to you. You don't have to keep it alone or trap yourself on a state of solitude forever. After all, we now have different drug and alcohol rehab programs that are very effective to help someone recover from their nightmare. The drug rehab NC, for example is a very reliable center that you can surely trust on.
There's always a solution for every problems and we just have to seek for it.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Durability of Granite Countertops

Granite and Marble have become one of the most competent finishing material around. They are indeed the best material you can choose from for your kitchen or bathroom. Both materials are known for being extremely durable compare to ceramic tiles, laminated flooring and glass. Ceramic tiles and Laminated flooring became popular too because of they ate extremely affordable and they are cheaper than granite and Marble, however the quality of ceramic tiles and laminated flooring are not so satisfying. However, compare to other materials, Granite can not be installed easily or Do It Yourself activity. It has to be installed properly in order to make it more durable. We know how expensive granite is compare to other materials and I am sure you do not want to waste that money by taking the risk of installing it by yourself. It is still best to let the professional do the jobs for you. They know what to do and they were trained for it. They also have the right materials and equipments to be used. Keep in mind that the durability of your granite countertops will depend on how well it is being installed and how good the quality of your material is . If you are in California, then i would prefer those countertops san jose offered by Marble City. The company itself is known for providing how quality kitchen countertops and has been in the industry for quite a lot time.

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