Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stranded in Baguio

If there is one most embarrassing driving experience i ever had, that would be the time when i was stranded in Baguio City. I was able to borrow my dad's car and he permitted me to travel that far. I was about to attend a wedding reception but while i was in the middle of my driving, the engine stops running and i was a bit shocked when i saw smoke coming out from it. I was like panicking at that time and looking for someone ton help me fix the car but unfortunately no one tried to help me. However, someone told me about the nearest auto repair shop, however, i have to walk that far just to ask someone to fix it. Well, after that long walk, i have finally reached their place and told them, what happened to my car. they pick my car up and brought it to their shop. I am thankful that i was able to find a good shop like that auto repair spokane shop and was able to fix my car in no time. Oh i was able to attend the wedding reception too after that even though i was a a bit late. I also decided not to tell this thing to my dad so he can let me borrow hi car again LOL

Smile Though Your Tooth is Aching

♪♪♪ Smile Though Your TOOTH is aching.... Smile Even though it's Breaking♪♪♪ Well, these are the few lines being stated on a toothpaste commercial before. They changed the word Heart to Tooth to make it more appropriate for their product advertisement,. While the song is playing, they show some videos showing kids smiling despite of having an unhealthy teeth condition. Well, basically, the commercial is intended not just to promote their product but also to give awareness that kid should brush their teeth regularly or else they will gonna have those unhealthy teeth condition like the those being shown in the video. Aside form the regular tooth brushing, it is advisable to look for a dentist like these Children Dentists Vancouver WA has to check your kids teeth from time to time and to provide some necessary dental measures that an ordinary tooth brush or mouth wash cant provide like teeth whitening, bleaching, or to check those cavities hiding between tooth.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bathroom's New Look

This is our Bathroom's new look. We used blue tiles to match up with our new bowl. Actually, it was a great package, we bought both the bowl and the mini lavatory in such a very low price. That's why we were able to buy new set of tiles for our bathroom's flooring and wall.I just love this cloudy style bathroom, i feel very comfortable as it provides a soothing effect to my eyes. Right now, we are planning to install sliding shower doors to separate the bowl to our bathing area. I will also make our bathroom looks much wider. Well our budget is good enough to shoulder all the possible expenses and we just have to look for something like the Glass Replacement Portland services that will surely give our bathroom a more appealing look!


When i was in high school, my teacher always reminds us about the process called Reforestation and how this activity can help the environment. looking back on my high school lectures, reforestation is a process where people plant trees to bring the forest back to life. It can also help to prevent flash floods , landslides and soil erosion. Actually, i remember those pictures being displayed in our Science and Technology books showing those trees being cut down to give space for constructing big establishments and buildings. Actually, according to my teachers, removing of trees are okay as long as you replace it with a new plant. Trees can also be removed and be transferred from one place to another using special lifting equipments like what Tree Service Portland has to give space for construction while putting trees in the safe place at the same time.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Bible Study Session

Every Wednesday id our Bible Study day when all the youth from our church ministry gathered in one place to worship and to share the words from the bible. I am lucky that i was one of the youth ministry leader. Sharing the holy words from the bible is such a great experience and i love to inspire other youths by sharing the divine messages that the book is intended to deliver. We had a very interesting topic last week when we discussed everything about The Rapture of the Church. According to the Book of Corinth, the death will bring back to life and will live eternally. God will change us and will keep us away from earthly sins and will live eternal life with him. We actually had a short role playing game after our discussion and we really had so much fun. I wonder what will be the next topic of our Youth ministry this coming Wednesday. I'm sure Jenny, my church mate and fellow youth leader, will call me and will held a meeting about this.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

False Alarm

Have you ever experienced a false alarm situation? Let say a doctor told you that you were pregnant and by the end of the day, you will soon find out that it was just a hysterical pregnancy. Is it so disappointing? This incorrect diagnosis is a sign of Unprofessionalism. Medical students undergone 10 consecutive years of studying to master their field and to become a certified doctor. That is why there should be no one to blame in any medical errors other than them. Failure to recognize a critical condition for example is very dangerous for the patient. They were trained to cure us and not to put u in danger right. This is the reason why we have Medical Malpracice Attorney and lawyers to fight for us who were victimized by these frightening medical malpractices.

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