Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stranded in Baguio

If there is one most embarrassing driving experience i ever had, that would be the time when i was stranded in Baguio City. I was able to borrow my dad's car and he permitted me to travel that far. I was about to attend a wedding reception but while i was in the middle of my driving, the engine stops running and i was a bit shocked when i saw smoke coming out from it. I was like panicking at that time and looking for someone ton help me fix the car but unfortunately no one tried to help me. However, someone told me about the nearest auto repair shop, however, i have to walk that far just to ask someone to fix it. Well, after that long walk, i have finally reached their place and told them, what happened to my car. they pick my car up and brought it to their shop. I am thankful that i was able to find a good shop like that auto repair spokane shop and was able to fix my car in no time. Oh i was able to attend the wedding reception too after that even though i was a a bit late. I also decided not to tell this thing to my dad so he can let me borrow hi car again LOL


Bananazą®‡ November 23, 2010 at 4:49 AM  

Blue what happened to the engine? Water radiator having a leak? Lucky for you there is no need for an overhaul as that take days haha...cheers!

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