Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Bible Study Session

Every Wednesday id our Bible Study day when all the youth from our church ministry gathered in one place to worship and to share the words from the bible. I am lucky that i was one of the youth ministry leader. Sharing the holy words from the bible is such a great experience and i love to inspire other youths by sharing the divine messages that the book is intended to deliver. We had a very interesting topic last week when we discussed everything about The Rapture of the Church. According to the Book of Corinth, the death will bring back to life and will live eternally. God will change us and will keep us away from earthly sins and will live eternal life with him. We actually had a short role playing game after our discussion and we really had so much fun. I wonder what will be the next topic of our Youth ministry this coming Wednesday. I'm sure Jenny, my church mate and fellow youth leader, will call me and will held a meeting about this.


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