Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It!

Dream and Believe
Dream and believe! Well. i'm mot referring to the theme of the reality show here in the Philppines. Dream of anything. It's Free! Everything can happen if you just believe in your abilities and persevere to achieve your goals. Treasure your talents and if ever you failed on something, don't lose hope and treat this failure as a lesson!

Natural and Artificial

Have you ever wonder why some vegetables being sold to the market looks so healthy and green while some are not? It is said that some of these plants or vegetables are from farms who uses led grow lights for their plants. I was not so sure how exactly these led grow lights work but it is pretty amazing how it makes the plant grow healthy and perfect. Despite of being an artificial procedure, it is also amazing to find out that the nutrients you can get from the plants from the farms that uses natural method are still the same nutrients you can get from the plants from the farms that making use of led grow lights.

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