Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Up to You

It is up to you to choose success. You won't gain anything by whimpering your present poor state of affairs. No one is particularly interested in hearing about your failures. Stir up the give of God within and that is the capacity to succeed. Do not be dependent upon anyone than yourself for success or you will be disillusioned and disappointed. You have given the capacity to choose; choose health, choose happiness, choose to be successful in every way!
have a great day everyone and happy blogging!

A Car Exhibit

Have you ever been into a car exhibit? Well, i been there once and i must say that i really learned a lot from that event. A car exhibit is like an "open house" event where in there will be a presenter who will showcase or promote his or her product. In a car exhibit, a presenter will promote their car by giving out all the best features of their car and show it to the people who attended the said event. They have to share out the car's best features in order to attract buyers. They will be explaining everything from major to tiny details; from exterior to interior parts and accessories. A good car is not just all about how far the car can go or how fast the car can run, it is all about how better and satisfying the car can perform. If you are certified critic, the first thing that you will do is to check the car's engine. We all know that the engine is like the heart of every car and the key to a car better performance. This engine is build up of many components including pistols, turbine blades, motor or battery and car exhaust. If you are a critic, you will definitely ask the presenter of where the materials are being made. It is either you are referring on the country where the materials were manufactured, the brand of the product, or what materials are being used for the product. Let say for example, you want a car with a superior quality exhaust, well definitely you will be looking for a stainless steel exhaust, knowing the fact that it provides ultra resistant to corrosion. This is the reason why presenters of any car exhibit try their best to please their critics , satisfied them and try their best to meet their customer's expectation.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Power of Mind

The power of the human mind is almost beyond belief. It has been estimated that man uses less than 10 % of his mind potential. Albert Einstein, a recognized genius in his field, used less than 15 percent. There is a wealth of power within , yet man wastes 90 percent of this power. When man learns to apply even a fraction of his true creative ability , he cannot help but succeed, for the real things of life are put within his grasp: peace, harmony, happiness, health, security, and prosperity. These pleasures of life are not be found without but within, for they stem from the deep self of man. Life's riches are within the mind. The great powers of mind are within everyone. There is a gold mine within from which everyman can draw all that is necessary for abundant living.

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