Monday, August 31, 2009

Last for tips on how to get rid of stress

Here's the final post about how to get read of Stress
I have here the last four tips!
  • Avoid common stress-inducing substances. Watch your diet. Eat regularly and healthy. It is advisable to eat less, more often.

  • Exercise regularly It cannot be stated emphatically enough that exercise is an important way to reduce stress levels. Both physically and mentally, exercise can function to alleviate distress, and help lessen a person's susceptibility to stressors

  • Practice stretching and/or yoga Both of these activities provide a physical means for counterbalancing the physical stresses you are experiencing.

  • Most important of all, have a positive outlook in life.

Hope that these tips will help you to overcome stress especially for those people who are working in night shift. Just follow these recommended steps and surely, you'll overcome stress and you will also have a healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Practice Relaxation

Here's anothr way to get rid of stress
Practice Relaxation
Training Relaxation equals energy. Because a relaxed body conserves energy, there remains more stored energy to be used on demand. Do you balance periods of activity with times of relaxation? It isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Inner relaxation means being comfortable with 'who you are'. By becoming more aware of your patterns of behavior and learning your reactions to stress, you may be able to learn how to approach pressure situations with a more relaxed attitude. The next time you encounter a stressful situation, be mindful of your reactions. As you relax, more choices open up to you, so you needn't react automatically in negative, habitual ways.
Dealing with body stress often simply means dealing with the evident symptoms that are seen in the body. For example, when you see rapid, shallow chest breathing, you can counter that with the practice of more relaxed breathing technique. Or when you notice tense muscles in various parts of the body, you can practice systematically relaxing the muscles by consciously loosening the muscles that seem to be tense.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Delegate rsponsibilities
Delegate responsibilities People with perfectionist tendencies have trouble delegating work. They have the attitude that, "If I want it done right, I have to do it myself". They fear that by letting someone else help them with a given task, that they are losing control and that something will probably go wrong. We need to learn that there is more than just, "my way" of doing things. Learning to delegate responsibilities when they become overwhelming, will help you build more trusting relationships and will relieve your burden.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Corazon Aquino deserves to have a special day of celebration

Senator Mar Roxas filed a resolution declaring January 25 , the date of birth of former President Corazon Aquino, as " Cory Aquino Day"
President Cory who passed away on August 1, deserves to be honored yearly for her crucial role in the revival of democracy in our country. According to the senator, everyone should look up to Cory as a symbol of he fight against corruption.
Former President has demonstrated in the clearest terms that steep moral values and strength character are what our nation need in times of unabated corruption and political and social decay.
During her Administration, Corazon Aquino , endearingly called as "tita Cory" by the people, took on the mission to run after the riches stolen from the nation during Martial Law years!
The House of Representative were also expected to pass a similar resolution!
Well, i think President Cory deserves it!

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