Sunday, November 21, 2010

Smile Though Your Tooth is Aching

♪♪♪ Smile Though Your TOOTH is aching.... Smile Even though it's Breaking♪♪♪ Well, these are the few lines being stated on a toothpaste commercial before. They changed the word Heart to Tooth to make it more appropriate for their product advertisement,. While the song is playing, they show some videos showing kids smiling despite of having an unhealthy teeth condition. Well, basically, the commercial is intended not just to promote their product but also to give awareness that kid should brush their teeth regularly or else they will gonna have those unhealthy teeth condition like the those being shown in the video. Aside form the regular tooth brushing, it is advisable to look for a dentist like these Children Dentists Vancouver WA has to check your kids teeth from time to time and to provide some necessary dental measures that an ordinary tooth brush or mouth wash cant provide like teeth whitening, bleaching, or to check those cavities hiding between tooth.


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