Friday, February 3, 2012

Ceramic and Granite Tiles

We used to have ceramic tiles for almost all finishing that we have in our house. From the bathroom, Kitchen floor, bathroom walls , and even the kitchen countertops and lavatory. Ceramic tiles are indeed very appealing and has a wide variety of designs and colors. The design that we have in our living room is different from what we have in the kitchen and same thing goes with our bathroom and terrace. Another thing that makes ceramic our main choice is the price. Ceramic is quite expensive than the laminated floors but way much cheaper than other materials. However, the durability of ceramic tiles are quite questionable and doubtful not unless that you are ensured that the tiles and properly installed by a highly professional worker. If you are looking for a good quality finishing and if you have good budget, then you should rather get a granite or a marble rather than ceramic. Granite, most especially, is highly durable and may last for a long time. It is resistant to scratch and stain though a proper maintenance should be regularly maintained. If you really want to maintain the beauty of the materials like granite Burlingame then you must exert a little effort to clean it using some special cleaning agents as often as you can for a better and more satisfying result. You may not have the same beauty for a lifetime but at least you can extend or expand the lifespan right?


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