Saturday, February 25, 2012

Remembering my Grandparents

It will be my late grandpa's 77th birthday this coming March 3 and we're all planning to celebrate it in a simple yet very special way. My mom used to cook my Lolo 's (Grandpa in Tagalog) favorite Pancit Beehon and Lumpia ( notable Filipino dishes). My lolo died when i was 12 but i grew up with my grandparents so I am, somehow, very close to both of them. He died because of a respiratory disease and I witnessed a lot on how much he struggle from the pain brought by his illness. Unfortunately, my late grandma, don't have enough money to shoulder the rest of his medical expenses but i know the fact that we should have availed a nursing care service on the first place to monitor his condition that time. However, i was told that my grandma was afraid that time to avail another medical service because she wasn't fully paid yet to my grandpa's previous hospital bills which is quite unfair because as far as i know, hospitals (especially the public ones) , should not force their patients to pay their bills or at least they should have settled an agreement on how are they going to pay it. My grandma should have get a medical service for my Lolo. After all, this nursing care home fees are very much affordable and I know my grandma would have considered it if she's only aware of that. But then, i guess it's too late for us to think about it and what we can do is to pray for their souls.
Well, as for that hospital bills, i find it really intriguing and it must have been some act of greediness from those health care professionals and maybe they charged my grandparents inappropriately. Oh well, i know i just can't jump on a certain conclusion yet so i must take some action and investigate. I'm sure there are respectable and trustworthy lawyers out there who can help me.


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