Friday, February 3, 2012

Infrared Sauna To Ease Your Stress

I was really upset last Monday because our superiors changed our schedule from the regular 9-5 to a 6 to 3 working shift. This has been very stressful because I now had to wake up around 2 am to get myself ready to go to work. It is very stressing indeed, and I come home tired, stressed out, and in a bad mood. It is quite unbearable.

Aside from the early schedule that we have, the shift covered the entire queuing hours in which most of the clients I speak with are irate customers who do nothing but blame a call center agent like me on a problem that we didn't do or we are not responsible for. But then again, as a contractual employee and as someone who is willing to stay in this company for good, i have to deal with with those irate customers in the most professional manner and try not to get angry or upset. I guess this is really hard, but it is what it is.

After all, i just have to work 8 hours a day which is not that bad because i still have a chance to enjoy the rest of the day and the weekends as well. Well, speaking of weekends, i usually stay at home during my day offs but if there's a chance, I also get together with my friends from time to time. This is actually my way to ease out all the stress brought to me by my work. I used to visit a spa where they had a sauna to go to pamper myself and relax.

I found out that these commercial infrared sauna(s) are more effective and the heat is more comfortable so one can stay in longer. These saunas come as kits and can be installed in your home. The great thing about them is that if you move, you can take the sauna with you. It gets expensive to go and pay to use the sauna each time at the spa, and so it would be very ideal to have these infrared sauna(s) at home. They are convenient, energy efficient and highly affordable as well. You can check for more information.


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