Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Time For us To Move

Do you believe in Feng Shui? If you do, then what's your fortune for this year? Does it says, you're gonna be very lucky or the other way around? I was not really into Feng Shui actually but my mom used to believe about these Feng Shui readings by her friend who happens to be a Feng Shui expert. She told us that our house is somehow unlucky this year in terms of the furniture's position inside and even the location of the house itself. It's funny but if you're going to listen to her, you can feel that she's speaking of something with sense. Anyway, I think there's nothing wrong of taking Feng Shui seriously as long as it doesn't greatly affect your personal life and the people around you.
Since we're talking about the house, let me open the topic about our future plan to migrate somewhere outside Cavite (my hometown). Well, we thought that it would be great to start a new life in a new location and new people around. I know that it might take time for us to leave Cavite because we might need a big budget to prepare for it. But i think it's better to plan it ahead right? I might look for some houses for sale online and see if it's gonna meet my budget. Of course , i will consider the location as well. It don't have to be so far from Cavite so it would be easy for my relatives to visit us from time to time.
Anyway, i know it's too early for me to think about that but it's nice to look over those homes for sale over the web.


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