Friday, February 3, 2012

I Always Admire Nurses

Being in a graveyard is simply so tiring that's why i really admire those nurses , doctors and other healthcare professionals because they can manage to keep themselves up even in the sleepy hours. I have through that point when i was in an international call center and since we are an outsource company, most of our clients are from the US and we have to work in a graveyard shift to cater them. Anyway, what makes nurses so special is their dedication to serve those patients who needed their help.
Actually , i once dreamed to become a nurse but i failed to have that course because i decided to take Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education instead. I was greatly influenced by mu uncle to pursue a teaching career but my admiration to those in medical profession is still there. If i will be given another chance to get into college then i might take a nursing course an be in a good school like that nursing school san francisco in California which is well known for producing high quality nursing professionals.
Well, we can never tell what will happen to our future and who knows, i might succeed in this kind of profession and be nurse someday! That's pretty exciting huh!


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