Thursday, January 26, 2012

Typical High School Life

I remember myself when i was in high school. I was like a nerdy guy who used to stay in the corner of our library reading our academic books to review our lessons in advance. Well, that wasn't really cool and if i can turn back the time, then i will definitely change myself into something better. I will try my best to gain more friends and peers but maintaining my grades at the same time. I am not really sure what's the typical high school life for you guys but upon reading some foreign magazines , it seems that high school is where most curiosities occur. Teenagers became more and more curious about things that they haven't tried in their life. This is when they started to realized who they are and what life they will take in the future. Unfortunately, this is also the time they develop their bad personalities and vises. They learn how to drink, they learn how to smoke which are obviously not a good thing but we just can't deny the fact that these are all true.
Anyway, Cigarette Smoking even with the use of those Cannabis Seed i found online being sold by trusted UK Suppliers, is actually not bad as long as you will not be consuming them abusively and of course, you have to be on the right age if you chose to consume such things.
You have to be responsible in every action that you take. Keep in mind that you are the one who chooses your own path and you have to think of your move before you take your action.
I don't mind myself getting into smoking or drinking as long as i can handle myself well and as long as i can ensure myself that i will not be consuming them abusively.
Health should always be your top priority so if you guys chooses to have those vises then better take them as moderately as you can.


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