Friday, February 25, 2011

Defeated the Master

Finally, i was able to beat the Master! I told you about this game before and i have mentioned how difficult it was to beat Maven (the computer generated opponent), in the Master Round. It took me ages to beat this guy and my brain was completely drained after beating him. And guess what? I managed to beat Maven on the champion round too. And take note! I never use the dictionary to help me out constructing long words. (defensive? hahaha). Anyway, i am now on it's last round and i feel like I am a prodigy already. Reaching the last round is such a big achievement already and defeating Maven for this round is highly impossible so I better give up now.
Maven can take up to 90 seconds thinking during a move and how the hell can i beat him? He can manage to use all the 7 tiles in almost every turn. What the?
Well, Maybe this is the end of the line now between me and Maven and I better look for some other browsergames. I just heard about the game known as Goodfellas 1930. It is a free browser game that is somehow similar to the Mafia Wars being played in Facebook but it offers more thrills and excitement compare to other Mafia Games.
The good thing about browser game is that, you do not have to download anything just to play it. You simply have to access the site and that's it, you're ready to play!
Okay, that's all for now guys, need to sleep now! Will talk more about games in my next entries so keep an eye on it.


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