Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Guess

We just got a call yesterday from Aunt Ruby saying that she'll be hitting Manila this coming February. We're all very excited because it's been decade since we last saw her in person. Aunt Ruby is my father's only sister and is now residing at Oklahoma. Since she do not have a house here, she'll be staying with us for about 2 months that's why my mom is starting to prepare for it. We want Aunt Ruby to enjoy our stay with us and i will be offering my room for her. I started to clear up those mess in my room. However, we've been having some trouble with our bathroom because the shower is not working and the water from our faucet drains very slow. We do not want to disappoint our Aunt just because of these plumbing issues so i asked my mom that it's better to hire a plumber like the Plumber Portland Or has to put an end with this Plumbing system malfunctions. It has to be fixed as early as this week because Aunt Ruby will be here anytime this month.
I am so excited about this. I will definitely take her to some great places in the country and will try to make her vacation unforgettable.


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