Friday, February 25, 2011

Sentinel or Scourge?

Are you a Sentinel or a Scourge? If you know the game Warcraft, then you must be familiar with these two terms. Sentinels are the good guys while Scourge are those on the dark side of the team. Actually, i used to play DOTA instead of the Warcraft game. DOTA or Defense of the Ancient is like a spin off game from the Original World of WarCraft game. Here, your goals is to defeat your enemy which controlled by the other player. DOTA is a LAN game so you can play it with your friends as long as you have multiple computers at home.
The game is solely derived from the orginal Warcraft. The characters or better known as Heroes are the also the characters you can find in Warcraft game.
It doesn't really matter if you're on the good or bad side as long as you have the right strategy to defeat your opponent.
You will have to choose your Hero here as your main character. If you are a Sentinel, i suggest that you use Rhasta of the Tavern Clan. He is a hero with a powerful range magic abilities. His skills include Forked Lightning, Mass Serpant Ward, and Voodoo. Zeus and Azwraith are great heroes too.
If you chose the Scourge tribe, then better use Banehallow. He is great in tearing enemies to bits. This tough guy uses spells like Summon Wolves, Shapeshifter, and Feral Heart. Viper is a good one too as he is genius in wearing enemies down in his talent in archery. He uses skills like Frenzy, Poison Attack, and Vipe Strike.
DOTA is a game that you will enjoy playing with your friends but of course, there's nothing could be more exciting than the original Warcraft game. This game will measure how creative you are in making decisions and will test how far your strategic skills can go. But if this is your first time to play this game, better search for some world of warcraft guides to help you out in accomplishing your mission.
Happy gaming guys!


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