Friday, February 4, 2011

Helping Him To get a Job!

Sorry guys if i failed to update my blogs recently. It's just that i am so busy with my work and i will be busier these following days because i have to help my cousin to get a job. Auntie Mary is requesting me to help his son Aaron to get a job. Well, i really don't know when and how to start helping my cousin. I am not a part of an HR department and i do not have that power to hire someone in our company since i am just a regular employee there. However, i can give him some tips on how to be employed in our company since i have been through all their application process. From the exam up to the final interview. I can definitely guide him there.
But of course, it will still depend on his performance and how well he answered the questions on both written exam and interviews.
Interview is probably the hardest part of all the application process. Here, you will be tested if you are really qualified for the position. Acing the job interview will be very easy if you prepared yourself for it. Groom properly as it plays a very important role in creating good impression. Promote your self and prove them that you have what it takes to become a part of their company but do not over do it as it will disappoint the interviewer.
But of course, before paying more attention to the interview, you should have to check first if you are physically fit to work by undergoing some medical exam and drug testing. You have to pass a drug test if you want the company to hire you. It is very important for a company to know that you are fit to work so that they will not have any troubles in the near future about your health.
Most companies have their own clinic for these medical exams but it would be better to take it in advance to ensure if you will pass the exam or not.


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