Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Mystical World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is probably one of the most in demand MMORPG today. It is one of my favorite PC games along with Fly For Fun (FlyFF), Ragnarok and Diablo. However, WoW has something more interesting to offer that any other MMORPG can bring. In the mystical universe of Warcraft, it takes a lot of strategy and preparation to succeed in epic battles between humans, arcs, night elves, and the undead.Well, first you have to choose whether you are on the Alliance or Horde side and then after that, you can choose from any different races that belongs to the faction you have chosen. Because of the game's popularity, some spin off or custom games have been developed like DOTA or Defense of the Ancient where heroes are buffed up to destroy other heroes. However, I still prefer the original game because it has a storyline and stick only into one central theme.Aside from the battles, you will also be dealing with other activities like chopping trees, mining for gold, or building farms for food.These activities will help boosts your character's stamina, strength and more. Another interesting part of the gameplay are the quests that you have to complete to raise your level.
Right now, the version of warcraft that i have is the WotLK or World of Warcraft: Warth of the Lich King but i have heard that there is a new version known as Cataclysm which was released last December. I have heard that it has so many new features including the two new races, Goblins and Worgen.
Warcraft is such a very interesting game though you may find it quite complicated at first especially if it's your first time to play the game. So to avoid any confusions i suggest that you take some time on reading world of warcraft guides. This will help you not just to easily understand that entire gameplay but also to become more effective on the game.


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