Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's Pray and Help Japan

We know what happen in Japan and i just can't sit on my share staring at those horrifying videos of Tsunami on TV. But i just can do nothing to help those victims. Who am I? I am just a simple student who also work to survive. Prayer is my only tool to help this people. Prayer is a very powerful tool that each of us can offer to help the victims of Japan. I know everything happens for a reason and God has plans for them. Let's all offer our prayers to help them recover from this nightmare.
I just saw this wonderful offer from PostNJoy, a blog advertising company. This post is actually a sponsored post but we are doing this for a good cause. WE WILL NOT BE PAID for this opportunity and instead, the prize fund WILL BE DONATED for Japan.
I think this is a very good humanitarian act fro their part and encourages us blogger to help them in our own special way. I use my blogs everyday so why not use them to help the victims in Japan Right?
Right now the people of Japan are in crisis, their resources are stretched thin, and they need our help.
The Prize Fund will be donated to the following organizations



American Red Cross


Doctors Without Borders




Just Giving


International Medical Corps


Salvation Army


Global Giving




Please help us to spread this new to our fellow bloggers. Your small help can console the victims of tsunami and quake.
Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims


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