Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look for a Competent and Honest Repair Shop

We had so many horrible auto repair experiences and a one whole sheet of paper would not be enough to tell you all the details. Well, most of them are some issues regarding about the poor quality of their repair while others are about the unfair pricing of their shop for the service they have done for my car.
I'm sure you feel so upset too whenever someone taking advantage of you right? Over Pricing is really a big no no for me. That is why i keep on advising my friends to be very observant and wise. If you went to some other shops before then you can keep them as your reference whether the shop is taking advantage of you by charging you so high or not.
You can also ask your friends too to help you finding out a competent and honest repair shop like what that Auto Body Repair Portland Shop does.
Because of those unwanted auto repair experiences, i started to became a bit choosy on what and where repair shop should i bring my car. I don't care how far would it be as long as i will received a very satisfying, competent and honest service from them. How about you guys? Will you do the same thing too? I'm sure we all want the best for our cars right?


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