Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Public Bathroom Experience

Sounds weird but i never really go to any public bathroom. I had so many unwanted experiences in public bathrooms which made me decide not to go there anymore. I remember when i went to my mom's province to visit my cousins, I had the most horrible bathroom experience. Well, we went to a market that time when i decided to go to one of the market's cubicles. I must say that it was the most horrifying bathroom i have ever seen in my life. Too bad i don't have any picture here but i can tell you how disgusting it was.
The floor tiles have so many dark spots and some moss in the corners of the wall. The bowl is like a nightmare. The bathroom is nothing but sickening and disgusting. Not to mentioned the clogged toilet bowl. Good thing they have lots of water stored there. The flush is not working so i have to pour water to submerge the waste. Errrr. They should have contacted a plumber to fix all those issue. I'm sure a lot of people are complaining about it too.
Anyway, that situation taught me a lesson that i should hire a plumber from time to time to avoid any plumbing issues. I just wish we have something like plumbing services in singapore . I have heard that they are offering a 24/7 plumbing services there.


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