Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bruno Mars in Manila?

Finally, Bruno Mars will be hitting Manila this coming April. It is a dream come true for a fan like me to see him performing live! I will definitely not miss this very special event and will buy tickets as early as possible.
I'm not really into modern music, i prefer listening to old school but after i found out that our dear Bruno Mars is a half American Half Filipino, i started to listen to his song.
Bruno Mars has an amazing powerful vocals which is rare to find nowadays. He is known for collaborating with rapper Travis Mccoy from their hit song "Billionaire". Then he first made his solo album with the carrying single "Just the way you are" and now one of his latest songs, "Grenade".
I really enjoy listening to his hits and i can't stop my self downloading his songs to my music player. Most of his songs are also available for digital downloads most especially on iTunes. As we know, iTunes is not accessible in countries outside the US but if you have an iTunes Gift Card, you can access the site with no ease.
If you are interested about these iTunes Gift Card, you can visit to get legitimate GC's online!


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