Saturday, January 8, 2011

As the Breadwinner

Ever since my dad stopped working, we started to experience some financial problems. Or maybe we already have financial difficulties before but i wasn't that aware since i am too young to understand such matters. Well, i cannot blame my dad for this because the situation is simply uncontrollable. He suffered from mild stroke which forced him to give up his work. In exchange, i am the one who took all the responsibilities and became the bread winner of the family. Good thing my father receives monthly disability benefits from both the Government and his previous employer. Being the eldest is really hard. You need to sacrifice a lot for your family. It's hard, Yes but i do not have any regrets. I am doing everything for them wholeheartedly. My parents help me a lot to become a strong person and i would love to bring that courtesy back by simply helping them as much as i can. Hopefully, this year will give me so much blessings. Right now, i am able to manage both of my school and work. I am earning quite good from my freelance web writing job and hopefully this year, i will receive more offers and opportunities especially now that i am planning to buy something for my self. I know it's kinda selfish but I guess sometimes i have to treat my self to motivate me and help me keep going. And if ever i got a chance, i will be joining some cash gifting programs to earn more this year. Well, wish me luck guys!


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