Sunday, January 16, 2011

Very Stressing Day

What a very stressing day! Finally the issue about my domains has been resolved! I'd been out from the blogosphere for almost a week just to fix this issue with my Web hosting provider. Well, i just transferred 4 of my domains to a new web hosting service provider! It was really a complicated thing and i faced a lot of technical issues about my sites. In fact, one of them was accidentally became a subdomain of the other one. But thanks God i was able to fix this issue with the help of my very close blogger friend.
She manage her own hosting site so she was able to fix my issue with no ease at no time! Anyway, i think i have to get back on sleep now. Tomorrow will be another stressing day specially now that we were scheduled to have a major general cleaning in our house. I hate doing house chores, to be honest! And i hate sweeping out the bath room floor tiles the most!
And since i will be attending a very important meeting with my client , i think that will be a great excuse! haha! And maybe that will be a great opportunity to convince mom to avail something like House Cleaning Vancouver WA Services! I have heard that this company is offering organic materials for your house which is so environmental friendly and is good to our health. I just wish we have that kind of service here.
Ok, that's all for now guys.. Time to sleep! Chow!


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