Thursday, July 1, 2010

Your Mind is A Creative Masterpiece

The most complex mechanism known is the "mind". This creative masterpiece is an invisible computer of infinite power. We know something about the mind and not what it is. NO living person can explain in exact terms what the mind is. The mind is infinite and being so, cannot be encompassed.
Down to the ages a few forward thinking individuals have exercised a greater degree. of mind power than their fellow man and in so doing, have raised the consciousness level of all men.
Technical achievements these past hundred years have been more spectacular than ever before. By utilizing a minor portion of an unlimited mind power potential, men of science have unearthed many of the laws governing this universe. Yet, surprisingly enough, only the surface has been scratched in numerous attempts to advance knowledge in the area of human emotions.
Today, we can orbit the earth's surface, yet , we cannot control our behavior patterns adequately. One of the hardest things to do is to know the "Self" and to change the "Self". Even though our current knowledge of the mind is limited, it is sufficient knowledge to enable us to do this.
The mind stands as an ever present challenge to all of us to attempt to understand our being and in so doing, reveal the mysteries of self. If we fully explore the powers of the mind and diligently apply known cosmic laws pertaining to our existence, we can soar to greater heights of personal accomplishments, prosperity and happiness. Controlling of behavior, mood and learning is no dream of the future.It is here now, if we so desire to meet the challenge and take charge of a creative masterpiece that resides within.
many people live under a physic umbrella of negative information which suggests, 'destiny in the hanbds of the unknown", or "whatever will be, will be" This attitude of concept in life is false. If it were true, there would have been little technical or social advance.
The greatest ruth you can know about success is that you can control your destiny by governing your thoughts. When you take charge of your thoughts, you become master of your existence.


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