Saturday, May 14, 2011

High Tuition Fees?

Just like what i said from my previous entries, Milzon and Mirasol are both preparing for their upcoming School Enrollment. We are set to buy the school supplies that they need including the notebooks, bags and uniform this coming May 21. That's the most convenient time i have and then after that, i will join my mom in paying their tuition fees. Well, Mirasol do not need any tuition fees since she is studying now in a Public High School but I'm sure the school will ask for some miscellaneous fees like PTA , Medical or whatsoever.
We decided to enroll Milzon in a private school so that they can teach him in advance and then he can go to public once he reached High school just like what Mirasol did. However, i think i have to cut down my budget this month knowing that Milzon's tuition fee went high this year. I got the form already and I found out that they will be having additional books and academic activities which is good. The school is known for providing high quality education and most of their students are competing internationally and i am confident that these additional fees are for Milzon's own good as well.
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