Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fish Care

When i was a kid, i remember we had a huge Asian Arowana in huge aquarium placed in our living room but it died for some unknown reason. As far as I know my mom is extremely taking care of that fish and feed the Arowana on time.
They said that Asian arowanas are paternal mouthbrooders. They are slow to reach sexual maturity and difficult to breed in captivity. Successful spawnings typically take place in large outdoor ponds rather than in aquarium and that might be the cause why the Arowana that we had died immediately. Oh well, since then, my mom decided not to have any fishes as her pet at home. She decided to pay more attention with her kitties and dogs.
Though, i'm still looking for opportunity to buy a new fish and to take care of it it. Instead of Arowana (which is quite expensive here), i am aiming more to have a Betta fish after reading some useful fish care tips from Betta are just small fishes and they are not as expensive as the Arowanas especially when it comes to maintenance. They are not big eaters and you only have to fed them once a day or every other day.
I was amazed to see those amazing pictures of Siamese Fighting fish online. They are so gorgeous looking and now i am eager to have them as pet woohoo.. Wish me luck


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