Saturday, September 17, 2011

BIR Forms

Okay here we go again, I have here 2 BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) forms that I have to process. God! I don't even know how to differentiate the two haha. Good thing a friend of mine explained it to me and why should I fill up them both.
►First is the BIR form 1902. This form is to be accomplished by an old or new employee whether resident citizen or non-resident alien earning purely compensation income. This should be filled up and submitted to the RDO or Revenue District Office. Mine is registered in Pasig City since my employer required me to do that and I tell you guys, I am so clueless about it at first. I just did what is being instructed to me, filled up the information and submitted it to them.
►BIR form 2305 on the other hand is a certificate to be accomplished and issued in case of increase or decreases in exemption, change of status, change in the person of employer, change in the type of employment, acquiring employment after having registered as engaged in business or exercise of profession, change in the working status of the spouse, execution of the "waiver to claim the Additional Exemption" by the husband, or revocation of the previously executed "waiver to claim the Additional Exemption" by the husband. And since I will be working in a new employer, i have to fill up this form too. (If ever I made it to their company LOL).
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