Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thank You My Blogging Buddies

Waaaah! Sorry guys for being so inactive lately. As you all know, i got my new job and things have changed ever since I started working. I thought I can manage my time well but things turned out the opposite way. I can hardly find time to blog and visit other bloggers too. Though I can still open my Facebook and my Emails from time to time. The only time I can open my blogs is during my Day offs. Thanks God, we have 2 rest days in a week which is good enough for me to accomplish all my pending assignments online. I am still working as a freelance writer that's why it's pretty hard for me to handle everything.
This is what i want, I want a stable job and now that i am working in a company, i will do my best to stay here for good. Even if it means that I have to sacrifice some of my personal hobbies. I am really thankful that most of my blogger friends understand my current situation and in fact, they showed me their support to my new job.
I was able to chat with them last night and I had so much fun. Most of them sent me "greetings", congratulating me for my new work.
They even sent me some cute emoticons during our chat conversation which made me, somehow, relieved. I promised them that I will try to fix my schedule so that I can visit them as often as i can.
Thank you for all your support guys! I really appreciate it! You don't have any idea how much you made my day! ^_^


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