Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Uncle's 2009 Toyota Venza

I got a chance to ride in my Uncle Stewart’s 2009 Toyota Venza yesterday and that was pretty amazing. The car is brand new and he just bought it last year. My Uncle is a busy type of guy and it’s really necessary for him to own a car for his travel and transportation purposes. I don’t know much about cars but we talked about it yesterday while I’m with him. He advised me that if ever I will buy a car, I have to make sure that it is insured so that I have nothing to worry about unexpected expenses due to some car damages brought by some minor a major accident. Speaking of car damages, my Uncle is very upset because of the mess done by his 7 year old son. His son accidentally spilled a choco drink on his floor mat which left unwanted stains. They tried to remove it but still, there are some visible spots left and now he is thinking of buying a brand new floor mats as a replacement. I told him that he can look for some car accessories including car floor mats for his Toyota Venza and purchase it online. I am very thankful for my Uncle as he shared some ideas and useful tips on how to take care of your car properly.


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