Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We are all Unique!

There is no one in this word quite like you. Although others may look like you and imitate you, no one else can do the very same things as you in exactly the same manner. You have individual thoughts which lead to individual actions. Most important of all, you have individual talent waiting to be expressed in a personal and unique way.
Today, so more than ever before, business, professional an industrial leaders are on the look-out for individuals who can express talents in a creative way. The person who stands out as an "individualist", who knows how to effectively put his unique talents to work, is the one most sought after in this world. It is the person who is different who makes the impression and walks off with the job ans the acclaim.
Knowing that you are unlike the next fellow in your thoughts, actions and talents, begin to mold a definite image, so that others in a position to help you can readily see that you are "different" and thus worthy of consideration for more important things!


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