Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Keno, a modern Bingo

Have you been to any casino? What’s your favorite casino game? Have you tried playing Keno, Baccarat or poker online? My most favorite is Keno and for those who are not familiar with the game and the whole Keno system, I’ll be more than happy to share some useful information that you may need to know before playing this game. Keno is actually just a modern version of Bingo. If you know how to play bingo, you will not have a hard time to understand how the game works. The game uses a circular glass enclosure called a bubble which contains 80 balls. The Casino will issue you with what so called Keno ticket form with boxes that ranges from 1 to 80. The bubble will determined the ball draw result. These online casinos including Keno, provides more excitement and more fun compare to any other video or console games. Actually, if you are a first timer, some sites offer US Casino Bonuses which is open for all newbie, however, some sites also offer the same bonuses to veteran players too. If you are lucky enough, you can also discover some sites that offer what so-called no deposit online casinos that enables players to play casino games free for a set amount of time, or with a set amount of casino credit free of charge. Playing casinos can be more exciting as I have heard that there is now a new payment option called E-check Casinos which is like an electronic version of our regular paper check.


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