Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Relatives will visit us this Holiday!

The countdown has just begun as we only have 60 days left before the much awaited Christmas. It only means that our much awaited Holiday vacation is nearly to come. We usually visit our relatives in our province in Ilocos almost every Holiday but it will turn out differently this year because our relatives told us that they are planning to visit us this Holiday which is very exciting. I am so excited to meet my cousins again. It's been a long time since the last time we met each other. Since it is their first time to visit us here in Cavite, i will try to make it more special to them. I will tour them in our place and will show them my toy collection as well. Okay okay! You can tease me now or call me childish but i really do have a toy collection. I just love collecting action figures but i just buy them to display and not to play haha. I will also teach them how to play online casino especially on how to play Bet365 Casino. I will also search for the best online casinos for them to enjoy. I have nothing to worry about the money because there are sites that offer no deposit casino which enables us to play casino games for free for a set of time. I also know some casino free play sites that will give us the opportunity to play casino at no cost. They will surely love their short stay here in Cavite.


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