Friday, April 10, 2015

How To Prevent Tooth Decay?

Who wouldn't want a good smile? A smile with confidence will make you standout but this cannot be obtained if you have a tooth decay or cavity which can ruin everything. It is very important for us to keep our teeth healthy and I don't think we need any further explanation why. It is also important to know the early signs of tooth decay to prevent them from getting worst. I personally have worst experiences with tooth decay. My work was badly affected by severe toothache and I just can't focus on anything at all. I had no choice but to visit a dentist and let the tooth be extracted to ease the endless pain. I remember trying all the possible medication to cure the pain including those natural remedies I have read online but none of them worked effectively. It is too late for the tooth to be saved and it had to be removed.

Since then, I have learned that visiting the dentist regularly is one of the most important things to do in order to obtain a healthy teeth. Aside from regular brushing (they said that twice or thrice a day would be more ideal) and eating those healthy food that is good for your teeth, there are so many other ways to effectively reverse toothe decay. Scientifically, these tooth decay is caused by pathogens which slowly damage your teeth which might end up in cavity and other related infection. This is a kind of issues that should not be ignored and as a parent, it is very ideal to teach the kids what they need to know and help them establish a healthy habit of brushing their teeth in a regular basis! For more information, you can check for other tips and ideas about preventing cavities and tooth decay!


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