Saturday, December 11, 2010

No More a Victim

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? Have you once become a victim by those reckless drivers? Well, if you did, then we are definitely on the same boat, i remember last 2007, I was riding on the motorcycle with my Uncle when all of a sudden a car bumps out. We know that we are on the right lane and it’s the car owners fault. He is trying to overtake and he went on a wrong way. Thanks God, the injuries we got wasn’t that bad but it was just so upsetting to receive no apology from the car owner. I just wish we were able to hire a personal injury lawyer and help us to fight for our right. We are the victims and we deserve justice. The driver of the car deserves a lesson. But then it’s too late for us to sue that guy , hire a personal injury attorney and file a lawsuit against him. Well, Just let the karma punish him.


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