Philippines is a tropical country that’s why a tropical fruit like Pineapple is very common to find. Pineapple is eaten fresh and perfect for desserts, salads, and of cource Fruit Cocktails. It can also serve as a complement for meat dishes. Here in the Philippines, one of my mom’s specialty is a chicken dish called “Pininyahang Manok”. It is a Chicken dish cooked with pineapple juice and coconut milk. My mom even add some pineapple chunks into it.
However, for an acidic person like me, i should have control my self in eating too much pineapple as it’s known for having a high acid content which is quite harmful for me.
oh did i mentioned desserts a while ago? Have you tried Pineapple tarts? My Auntie is good in making tarts…oh my and now i’m craving for them! I better go and visit my Auntie and ask her to bake some tarts for me! Yum Yum