Sunday, December 19, 2010

One day Care taker

(Ichan and Tita Thess)

I am still waiting for my cousin Ichan! I am currently here in their house to be his guardian for almost a week. Tita Thess will be gone for about a week and she asked me if I could take care of hi one and only son Ichan for awhile. Well, I just can’t refuse and I just can’t say no to my tita (Tita is a Filipino term for Auntie), so here I am now planning to stay here for a week. I am just so thankful that they have Internet here. You know me guys!! You know that I cannot live a day without peaking any of my blogs! Hahaha! That’s how passionate I am when it comes to blogging and I should be commended for it. Anyway, Ichan attended his school Christmas party and he’s not yet here until now. I texted him several times but received no response from him. He might be very busy. Well, I will definitely grab this opportunity to check some cool microgaming casinos online. In fact, I found one last night while I was surfing the net. The game is called mega moolah. It is a five reel slot machine game. The game has this jungle theme which makes it more attractive and more appealing to play. I just love slot machines as it requires no skills or techniques in order for you to win. However, you can still maximize your chances of winning by following certain strategy and effective jackpot guide! So long guys! It’s time to make some moolahs!


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