Friday, August 12, 2011

House Reflects Owner's Personality

A house is a reflection of the owner's personality. If you're clean and you're organized and if you keep your house regularly maintained, then you might received a lot of compliments from your friends which is definitely a good thing.
Our kitchen specifically, even though most guess failed to reach this area of your house, is a great way to measure someone's orderliness. Kitchen is probably one of the dirtiest part of your house since you do all the stuffs here. You prepared foods, you cook, you wash, and all that stuffs which are all prone to germs and bacteria. That's why as much as possible we have to clean it everyday. After all, it's for your benefit too.
Germs are more dominant into wet or moist surfaces which could probably your kitchen countertops most especially if you're using tiles because germs can be trapped at every single corner of it especially if the grout was not properly placed. That makes so hard to be cleaned. Oh well, maybe you could choose a much better material. Something that can be cleaned with no ease like granite maybe. It is known for being the best material for both countertops and floors. Well, they're glossy and they look so great and they are very easy to clean as long as you have the right cleaner for it.
But then, that's your choice, it's your kitchen, just be responsible to it and always keep it clean.


Twilight Man August 13, 2011 at 11:22 AM  

I fully agree wholeheartedly and my house is quite messy with so much antiques!

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