Friday, August 5, 2011

Moody Day

I'm really not in the good mood yesterday. Look, i am trying my best to be productive on both house and work but it seems that all my efforts are not working effectively at all. Oh not to mention the stress brought to me by this silly weather. I was planning to go out with friends yesterday, hoping that it could help me to, somehow, forget my problems but here goes the stupid weather, leaving us no choice but to postponed our plan. Isn't just great!!! >.<
Oh here's one more thing, We found out that the water is leaking from the roof in our kitchen. There were some unwanted stain on the ceiling and I suspect that it's all because of the roof leak. How i wish there's someone in our house knows how to fix this thing. Well, i don't mind climbing the roof but I just don't know where to start and how to trace those leaks. As you all know, half of my dad's body were paralyzed after he got stroke last 2001, and so being the eldest, i know i am the one responsible for this but i just can't take the risk because i'm really not good when it comes to this household thing.
Well, we can hire someone from the neighborhood but i don't think it's a good idea as well. How if they will just make the condition much worst knowing that they do not have enough skills and experience in such matter. Perhaps, we can hire professional Roofers to fix the roof. At least we know that they can fix the job satisfactorily. I might consider replacing the roof as well. These galvanized iron roofs were already there since we transferred to this house so i guess it's just right for them to be replaced.
Well, i don't know what kind of mood will I have today. Sounds weird but my mood changes everyday. I just wish no one will ruin my day today or else ..... haha
Well maybe my mind is just like the weather after all ~ full of attitude.


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