Friday, August 5, 2011

Training Courses

Last 2007, i decided to take a technical training course since i can add that experience in my portfolio and i can also apply what i've learned there in real life situations. Oh well, the school have so many courses to offer and I chose the Computer Technician course simply because it is quite in demand and also to learn basic troubleshooting ideas that i can use if ever i encounter some hardware issues with my PC. Other courses were Automotive , Computer Science, computer secretarial and Electronics.
Electronics is a very interesting course though i can't take two courses at the same time so i prioritized the computer technician course first but when the time i finished the course, i already got a job so i failed to take the Electronics. I wasted such a great opportunity. I know i will learn a lot from that course and i can apply those knowledge if ever i encounter any home wiring problems in our house.
Well, it's not too late for me and besides I'm just 22 years old now so i still have a lot of time.
Being an Electrician is such a very interesting profession don't you think?
Anyway, since i don't know anything about electrical troubleshooting YET, we let the experts fix those home wiring problems. We have a family electrician and we used to contact him in case we need his service.
Don't have a family Electrician yet? Well, if you're in Oregon and looking for a Portland Electrician, Oakley Electric company has the best men to provide you the best service.
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