Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cigarette Smoking

Do you smoke? How much or how many packs of cigarettes do you consume everyday? My dad is such a smoker and believe it or not he can consume 4 - 6 packs of cigarettes daily. I know that it is very unhealthy for him that's why we try to convince him to stop or at least lessen his consumption of cigarette. Nicotine is the major substance that can be found in the cigarette which makes a smoker addicted to it. It is an addictive substance that can bring several harmful effects to our body. Smoking increases the risk of developing lung cancer. Aside from the risk of developing lung cancer, smoking can also cause other cancers including pharynx, esophagus, larynx, pancreas, cervix, bladder, and even kidney. It can also cause other respiratory-related diseases like emphysema, heart attack, cataracts and impotence. My grandpa died because of severe emphysema in which he got from tobacco smoking.
These harmful effects of cigarette smoking has been taught to us even when we are in grade school. Even the cigarette manufacturers are giving awareness about it by showing warning signs on their cigarette packets. But how come it is so hard for a smoker to give up this unhealthy habit?
Actually, it is very easy for a smoker to give up this habit. With proper counseling and by encouraging him to have a healthy lifestyle, I'm sure you can do it with no ease. However, they said that it is also unhealthy for an individual to stop cigarette smoking as easy as like that. They said that once smokers become dependent on nicotine, they may experience strong physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms if they try to give up. These symptoms may include irritability, dizziness, anxiety, headaches, lack of concentration, disturbed sleeping patterns, feelings of anger and depression. If a smoker is willing to give up this habit, it will take a very long process for him. He may start this process by minimizing his daily consumption. You can also use other alternatives for cigarettes like the use of electronic cigarette which is very in demand today. Electronic cigarette is said to be healthier way of smoking. They said that these new way of cigarette smoking can help smokers to stop or reduce their addiction to those conventional cigarettes or tobacco.
Ecigarettes are smokeless cigarettes. They are safe, non polluting, non flammable and most of all, they are healthy knowing that the ingredients of the electronic cigarettes are not cancer-causing agents. Well, I better buy e cigarette starter kits for my dad and let him try this new, healthy and great alternative for his cigarettes. Though i do not have any idea what brand should i buy for him. Of course, i do not want to disappoint my dad about this so i better look the best ecigar for him. A friend of mine suggested me to try Smoketip for my dad. He have read several smoketip reviews online already and he saw a lot of positive feedback about it. Maybe i should try this one.
How about you guys? What do yah think about E-cigarettes? Great Idea right?


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